Spotlight on Wessex 4x4 Response

Written by a Wessex 4x4 Response Team member

What your agency

Our role is primarily logistics in adverse conditions. This involves transportation of personnel, equipment or stores. We use our own vehicles which are our daily drivers. We are also involved with Search and Rescue, transporting search and flood rescue teams and transporting casualties to Rest centres.

 An recent incident or exercise

In May of 2023 we responded to the Queen Camel floods and recently took part in Exercise Lilypad with DWFRS (Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service), Wilsar (Wiltshire Search and Rescue), and the Red Cross amongst others. We are regularly called out alongside DorSAR (Dorset Search and Rescue) to assist search teams. In snow and icy conditions we transport NHS staff out to community clients where gritters seldom reach.

 Additional Information

We are always looking for people to help as responders in vehicles or controllers, operating from home.

LRF in Action

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