Exercising and Testing

There are lots of ways in which communities can train for emergencies, these can range from large live scale events to smaller online sessions. Every community is different and therefore the training needs on offer need to reflect different ways to interact.

Online Training

Wiltshire and Swindon Prepared will be offering some online training sessions on set topics in the coming future which all Town and Parish Councils and registered volunteers will be invited to attend. These will pick up on key subject areas we have previously been asked to cover.

In Person Training

We regularly hold flood warden training which is predominantly a collaboration between the Environment Agency and Local Authority. All registered flood wardens and those that are interested in becoming one are invited where key information and discussions are shared between a variety of responders.

Moving forward further training sessions will be offered in areas such as snow clearance and grit spreading these will be accompanied by sessions in other areas of response possibly including communications and first aid. 

All training sessions will be advertised to registered volunteers and Town and Parish Councils.

Communities Prepared

Communities Prepared are a charity who have an excellent history in providing training and assistance in community resilience activities. They have many online workshops and training sessions that volunteers or those interested in community resilience can sign up to. These range from Incident Management to flood volunteers and cover the most prevalent risks to most communities.

Communities Prepared also provide a space for communities to talk to one another about past experiences and practices and is a great place to share good practice. 

Wiltshire and Swindon Prepared fully support the content produced by Communities Prepared and will also look to work with them in future to produce any bespoke training required.

Please visit their website to find out more: Communities Prepared – A Groundwork South Project

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We are happy to help any community run an exercise, be that live or as a table top scenario. As there are over 270 Parishes in the county of Wiltshire, we do encourage communities to club together with their neighbours to enable us to get round as many as possible in as shorter time as possible. Occasionally we run large scale community exercises where we invite everyone to a set event. These will be communicated via all Town and Parish councils.

As appropriate we will also invite Town and Parish Councils to partake in large scale multi-agency exercises. These will be on a first come first severe basis or targeted at geographical or risk areas. 

If you are interested in any training or exercising, please do let us know.

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