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Check out what Wiltshire and Swindon LRF have been up to recently

Power Outage Planning and National Exercises

Power Outage Planning and National Exercises

Our chance to test Power Outage Scenarios on a big scale with over 200 people involved!

Amesbury Fire -  June 2023

Amesbury Fire - June 2023

In June 2023 a large fire impacted 16 flats in Amesbury requiring a large multi-agency response.

Exercise Inundation

Exercise Inundation

Its not too often we take part in big exercises across multiple boundaries, but sometimes a great opportunity presents its-self!

Hazards / Risks

What is a Risk?

Check out what Risks we have in Wiltshire and Swindon and how we plan and prepare for them

Risk Rating Matrix

Catastrophic (5)
Significant (4)
Moderate (3)
Minor (2)
Insignificant (1)
Low (1)
Medium Low (2)
Medium (3)
Medium High (4)
High (5)