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Terrorism is  a frightening consideration to everyone! Unfortunately it is however something we need to be aware of in all parts of our lives, from when we board a train, plane or even when at work or on holiday. Knowing how to protect ourselves and how to report suspicious activities could save the lives of many.  

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Power Outage Planning and National Exercises

Power Outage Planning and National Exercises

Our chance to test Power Outage Scenarios on a big scale with over 200 people involved!

Amesbury Fire -  June 2023

Amesbury Fire - June 2023

In June 2023 a large fire impacted 16 flats in Amesbury requiring a large multi-agency response.

Exercise Inundation

Exercise Inundation

Its not too often we take part in big exercises across multiple boundaries, but sometimes a great opportunity presents its-self!