Know your Flood Warnings

This article contains information & advice regarding risks that do not appear on the Risk Register.

 Flood AlertFlood WarningSevere Flood Warning
What it means

Flooding is possible. 

Be prepared. 

Flooding is expected. 

Immediate action required. 

Severe flooding. 

Danger to life. 

When its usedTwo hours to two days in advance of flooding.Half an hour to one day in advance of flooding.When flooding poses a significant risk to life or significant disruption to communities.
  • Forecasts that indicate that flooding from rivers may be possible.
  • Forecast intense rainfall for rivers that respond very rapidly.
  • Forecasts of high tides, surges or strong winds.
  • High tides, surges coupled with strong winds.
  • Heavy rainfall forecast to cause flash flooding of rivers.
  • Forecast flooding from rivers.
  • Actual flooding where the conditions pose a significant risk to life and/or widespread disruption to communities.
  • On-site observations from flooded locations.
  • A breach in defences or failure of a tidal surge barrier or dam that is likely to cause significant risk to life.
  • Discussions with partners
Impact on the ground
  • Flooding of fields, recreation land and car parks.
  • Flooding of minor roads.
  • Flooding of farmland.
  • Spray or wave overtopping on the coast.
  • Flooding of homes and businesses.
  • Flooding of rail infrastructure.
  • Flooding to roads with major impacts.
  • Significant waves and spray on the coast.
  • Extensive flood plain inundation (including caravan parks or campsites).
  • Flooding of major tourist/recreational attractions.
  • Deep and fast flowing water.
  • Debris in the water causing danger.
  • Potential or observed collapse of buildings and structures.
  • Communities isolated by flood waters.
  • Critical infrastructure for communities disabled.
  • Large number of evacuees.
  • Military support.

LRF in Action

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