Reducing Risks to Children

This article contains information & advice regarding risks that do not appear on the Risk Register.

Matches, lighters and candles

  • Remember to keep things that can cause fires out of children’s reach.
  • Position lighted candles and tea lights out of reach of children.

Electrics and heaters

  • Teach children not to poke anything, including fingers, into sockets.
  • Consider getting plug guards to cover sockets.
  • Make sure electrical appliances (TVs and computers) in children’s bedrooms are switched  off at night.
  • Fit a childproof guard in front of open fires or heaters – the best ones can be fixed to the wall.
  • Make sure children don’t play near fires or heaters to avoid them getting burnt.

The kitchen

  • As kitchens can be dangerous places for children, avoid leaving them unsupervised.
  • Avoid using the front of the hob when small children are around.
  • Make sure that saucepan handles don’t stick out to avoid them being knocked off.

Originally posted by Avon Fire and Rescue: Reducing risks to children - Avon Fire & Rescue Service

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