Business: Loss of Supplier

Using a similar principle to the previous pillars, it is worth seeing if you have any critical suppliers that are essential to your business. There may be a case where you have a single supplier and a bespoke service. 

It is worth looking at alternative sources. For example, if you are reliant on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) could this be sourced at short notice by another supplier.  

For existing contracts, it is worth engaging with your supplier and asking if they have a Business Continuity plan in place. Also, where do they get their supplies from, are there offshore complexities that may cause issues?  

Look at your Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with your suppliers and the contracts that you have in place. See what is in scope and out of scope for supplies and what the timelines are for delivery. Often this will vary if there is a shortage of supplies or an impact that is out of your control. Brexit was an example of this where the markets were uncertain and the usual ordering process of “Just in time” was impacted and deliveries were delayed.   

LRF in Action

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