Business Loss of Buidings

Your business may be site based and for that reason the loss of your building should be considered. As above, it does not matter what the cause is - it could be fire, flood or other incidents, it essentially means you are unable to use your building for business. 

In this instance it is good to have a means to contact your staff.  This is called a “call tree” and in essence advises your staff there is an issue.  You may already have a fallback plan which allows you to advise your staff where they should go as an alternative place of work. Or simply to keep your staff advised of the situation. 

If viable for your company, it is worth seeking alternative sites.  Be aware there is often a retainer that is payable for agreements. It is also worth asking where you are in the prioritisation of a building as you may find that other businesses have a priority or it operates on a first come first served basis.  

Finally embed and practice planning and ensure that your staff and managers are aware of what is needed and expected of them in an emergency. Testing and training are key to be prepared in an emergency for incidents that may impact your company.  It is far easier to think ahead and manage the expected when you may have unexpected factors coming into play.     

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