About Wiltshire and Swindon LRF

The primary aim of this website is to provide information and advice to the public of Wiltshire and Swindon. It demonstrates the strong and healthy commitment of partner agencies in promoting ‘resilience’. We all share a passion and determination to respond effectively together to major incidents and emergencies that arise in this area, and to minimise the impact and disruption on people, their property and the environment.

This website provides the opportunity for the communities of Wiltshire and Swindon to be kept informed of the activities of the LRF, and how they can prepare themselves and their families for emergencies. It is intended to complement the websites of local agencies which are always a source of good advice and information particularly during an emergency situation. 

Kier Pritchard

Kier Pritchard
LRF Chair
Chief Constable
Wiltshire Police

Ben Ansell

Ben Ansell
LRF Vice Chair
Chief Fire Officer  Dorset & Wiltshire FRS

Paul Williams

Paul Williams
LRF Manager


This LRF was established in 2005 following the introduction of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 and replaced the Major Incident Coordinating Group. It is not a legal entity in its own right but a partnership that brings together a wide array of stakeholders including the Emergency Services, Local Authorities, Health, the Environment Agency, Highways England, the Military, Utilities and Transport Operators, the Voluntary Sector and many more.

The partnership works on a daily basis to coordinate the activities of its members to ensure a joined-up approach to planning for major incidents and emergencies. The partnership's networks and sub-groups ensure a cohesive approach to risk management. More information on risk can be found elsewhere on this website.

Whilst the reality is that major incidents are fortunately very rare, the activities of the LRF ensure that our communities are well prepared to respond to and recover from emergencies.

We are committed to promoting community resilience whereby communities and individuals are able to help themselves and each other in the event of an emergency, crisis or major incident. Our whole philosphy is enabling people to be better prepared in an emergency. This will greatly assist the statutory agencies in their response to you.

It is important that you, your family, businesses and local communities are as prepared as they can be. 

You can significantly reduce the risks for you, your family, your property and your business by being informed and ready to respond to events.


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