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Being prepared when out and about is quite a wide category, so below we have put some key considerations you might want to consider when out and about.

Keep a copy of your car insurance in the car

Unfortunately, sometimes we might have an accident or collision in our car, and it might then be important to swap details with another driver. Therefore, having a few key details in the car might help calm the situation.

Blankets and Towels in the car

Following the car theme, blankets can be great for a variety of reasons, be that for an impromptu picnic, or on the occasion your car breaks down and you might need to sit and wait for recovery. Something with duel uses means you are more likely to remember to put it in the car.

Towels are another great thing to put in the car, you might get caught out in the rain or need to dry off any pets, therefore a towel again has multiple uses and is great to keep in the car.

ICE Contacts

As seen in another article, In Case of Emergency contacts are a great way to make sure anyone can reach your loved ones in an emergency. These can be programmed into your phone so that should someone need to contact them for you in an emergency, they don’t need to be able to unlock your phone.

Equally, if you lose your phone and someone picks it up , they could ring your ICE contacts without needing to unlock your phone. Therefore, ensuring it is safely returned to you. 

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Tell someone where you are going 

This seems obvious and perhaps not part of the resilience landscape, however, it is important to tell others where you are going. It is not about keep tabs of one another, but if something happens family and friends know where to find you and how to contact you.

Sensible Clothing

This could cover a variety of themes, but we all remember those school days where we refused to wear a coat or put on that high vis to cycle. But it is important to make sure we wear the right clothing at the right times. Warm clothes in the winter and bright high visibility  clothing in the dark. Be Warm, Be Seen, Be Sensible!

Plasters and Medication 

It is something we might all associate with our parents when we were children, but they do always seem to have the right thing at the right time. One of the obvious things is plasters. It can be frustrating when you cut yourself or get sore feet in shoes, so having a plaster is really handy. Equally, if you require medication for anything, carrying some of this on you is important when you go out and about. Don’t always rely on being back home at exact the right time, by keeping some spare in your pack will make for a much enjoyable day out. 

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