National Volunteers Week – 1st – 7th June 2020

Wiltshire & Swindon LRF wants to say a huge thank you to all volunteers who work across our area to support agencies, help the vulnerable and keep people safe. Their work has never been more important than during the current COVID-19 emergency.


*** PPE - call for action ***

PPE equipment

Wiltshire & Swindon LRF is working with fellow responders across the South West and are grateful to businesses and others for their support in providing essential PPE supplies. PPE continues to present a huge challenge, and a national request is being made of organisations or others able to help with making PPE such as visors and gowns for our frontline workers. If you think you may be able to assist please use the following link to check the required specifications and register your offer here.


Mail Screening and Security

Posted by LRF Manager

As we approach the festive season businesses and organisations can see a significant increase in the amount of mail being received. This can be for a variety of reasons, from an increase in transactions, to staff receiving deliveries at work. Ahead of this busy period please find below some useful links to advice published by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI).

Possible Indicators that a Delivered Item Might be of Concern

A list of bullet points providing advice in relation to identifying different types of threats that can be received through the mail.

Action Upon Discovery of any Suspicious Delivered Item

A summary of actions that can be taken by anyone should a suspicious article be identified

Mail Screening Matters Toolkit

The “Mail Screening Matters Campaign” toolkit contains material to promote awareness and good practice within businesses and organisations in relation to mail screening including a summary of the indicators and appropriate action to take.

BSi PAS97:2015 Mail Screening and Security Guide

A tool to help take security managers through the necessary steps to achieve effective and appropriate mail screening measures for their business or organisation.

Members of the public should always remain alert to the danger of terrorism and report any suspicious activity to the police on 999 or via confidential hotline: 0800 789 321.

Avoid, avert, alert