Visit the Hazard House online to learn about fire safety

Posted by LRF Manager

Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service has launched an updated version of its online Hazard House, a 360° virtual tour that highlights the importance of fire safety.

This bespoke educational tool is designed so that both children and adults can really think about their safety in their own homes.

Yasmine Ellis, Education Coordinator, said:

Within the Hazard House, a number of fire risks and other dangers have been placed in strategic locations in each room, and the challenge is to locate them. Each hazard has a tag, providing either audio or a text pop-up box to explain what the risk is and how to make it safe. There’s a useful countdown for each room, so you know how many hazards you still have to find, and a hint tool if you get stuck!

The aim of Hazard House is to embed an awareness of fire safety in a fun and interactive way. Many risks – such as overloaded sockets – are often not understood, while other dangers may be clear to adults but not children.

Yasmine said:

This is a resource that our Education team will use, but we want anyone who wants to know more about fire safety to take a look at Hazard House on our website, and maybe think about other things they can do in their home to be safe – for example, is there an escape plan, does the household follow a bedtime routine, and are there working smoke alarms which are tested regularly? Taking a little time to identify risk and put in place safeguards could save lives.

To visit the Hazard House, visit the Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service website and then follow the page links for more home fire safety advice.