Home Emergency Plan

Posted by Chris

Home is usually the one place we feel safe and happy and we want to ensure it stays that way! Experience has told us that spending a few minutes as a family putting together a household emergency plan can really make the difference in an emergency situation. **It’s easy to think “It won’t happen to me”, but if it does it’s better to be prepared. ** There are many types of emergencies that could disrupt your daily lives, some of which can leave you isolated from immediate help. Emergencies come in different forms and could include:

  • Severe Weather: Snow, Ice, Flooding, Heatwave and High Winds
  • Infectious Diseases: Including Pandemic Influenza or Norovirus
  • Transport accidents such as train, bus or plane crashes
  • Industrial Accidents

Emergency Grab Bag

What is an Emergency Grab Bag, is it a bag full of sweets or toys? – Most Children would think so… But surprisingly they are not far wrong. It’s a bag full of essentials that is ready to use in an emergency and of course it might also contain sweets and toys! The bag contents will vary depending on your needs but might include:

Grab Bag

What to Save?

In some emergencies we have to think about what it is we want and need to save. Unfortunately in some emergencies property can be damaged beyond repair, so thinking about those things that are important in advance can be very helpful. Of course this does not include family, friends or pets, they go without saying!

What To Take

Friends and Neighbours

Being a good neighbour: In an emergency some members of the community are more vulnerable than others and these include; the disabled, the elderly and young families. Just checking that someone is alright and not in need of any extra care or supplies could make the world of difference to their safety and wellbeing. Emergency Friends: Emergency friends should be people you can trust and people who can support you if you are affected by an emergency. Ideally you should have one friend living close by and another further away. Examples of how you can help one another are:

Friends and Family