Flooding Advice and Information

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Flooding is a major risk to the UK and appears as a significant risk on the Wiltshire and Swindon Community Risk Register. Both Wiltshire and Swindon have been affected by flooding in recent years. This article is designed to highlight issues that may arise from flooding and to signpost members of the public to various agencies and organisations who can assist.

The first download is produced jointly by the Environment Agency and Public Health England giving practical advice on:

  • Planning for a flood before it happens
  • What to do during a flood
  • Recovering and cleaning up after a flood

Download practical flooding advice information

We all know electricity and water don’t mix and that this issue causes concern and anxiety. Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution has produced practical advice about this subject:

  • Before a flood
  • During a flood
  • After a flood

Download Practical Advice on Flooding and Electricity

The Environment Agency is a key source of information during flooding.

The Floodline telephone numbers are:

0345 988 1188 / 0845 988 1188

The Met Office gives weather forecasts and provides details of flood warnings and flood alerts.

The public is rightly concerned about health issues associated with flooding. Public Health England has produced guidance on cleaning up safely following flooding.

Specific advice regarding the repair and restoration of buildings following flooding can be found at www.ciria.org.uk

People naturally worry about their property. Further help and advice can be obtained from the National Flood Forum, a national charity dedicated to supporting and representing communities and individuals at risk of flooding.

Our local councils are always a good source of information and guidance about flooding:

Groundwater flooding has the potential to occur in Wiltshire after prolonged periods of unusually high rainfall (such as that experienced over the winter of 2013/14). During such periods, more water than usual infiltrates through the ground, raising the water table above its normal depth, the level of water below the ground rises above the ground surface and groundwater flooding can occur. To find out more information on the impacts of groundwater flooding, follow the link https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/flooding-from-groundwater

The Environment Agency, has developed 11 groundwater flood warning areas to warn communities along the chalk in Wiltshire. To find out if the groundwater flood warning service is available in your area, and to sign up for warnings for river or groundwater flooding follow the link here, https://www.gov.uk/sign-up-for-flood-warnings

Further advice around flooding can also be found on this website under Community Resilience.

Download the Are You Ready? booklet for practical advice to help prepare for and respond to any emergency.

Even children can get involved in helping to prepare for flooding. See The Flood at our Kids Zone.

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