Extreme Cold Weather

Posted by Chris

Cold Weather

Cold Weather Home Preparations

  • Ensure you have enough insolation around water tanks, pipes and in the loft
  • Check you have de-icer and the necessary tools (shovel, brush etc.)
  • In particular the elderly should have at least one warm room and have the ability to take regular hot drinks and food

Walking Considerations

  • Wear adequate warm clothing outside and keep moving
  • Wear practical warm and gripped footwear
  • Consider if you may need a walking stick in the slippery conditions

Travelling in the Snow

  • Consider if you really need to make the journey
  • Is your car fully prepared; do you have: food, a torch, warm clothes, enough petrol, a shovel, enough screen wash, a reflective jacket…..
  • Try and wait for roads to be gritted (this might only be main routes)
  • If you must drive check the Highway Code; slow down, give extra distance between cars (it can take 10 times as long to stop in snow). If you skid, ease off the accelerator and avoid braking. If you need to brake, pump the brakes do not slam them on. If you get stuck stay with the car and tie something bright to the aerial

Other Snow Conditions

  • Keep paths around your property clear
  • Knock down icicles to prevent them falling on someone
  • Put salt and grit on your paths and driveway
  • Consider getting together with neighbours to clear community areas

Strong Winds

High Winds


  • Secure loose items outside that could blow into someone or a window
  • Close and fasten doors and windows securely
  • Park vehicles in a garage or well away for potential falling objects like trees or fences


  • Stay inside and try to avoid going outside (do NOT go outside to repair damage while the storm is in progress)
  • Find shelter in a stable permanent structure
  • Slow down if driving and try to avoid dangerous areas like; bridges, driving near high sided vehicles or places where side winds could affect you
  • Do not touch blown down cables