*** PPE - call for action ***

PPE equipment

Wiltshire & Swindon LRF is working with fellow responders across the South West and are grateful to businesses and others for their support in providing essential PPE supplies. PPE continues to present a huge challenge, and a national request is being made of organisations or others able to help with making PPE such as visors and gowns for our frontline workers. If you think you may be able to assist please use the following link to check the required specifications and register your offer here.


Emergency Contact List

Posted by LRF Manager

You may find it useful to complete the details on this page and keep them somewhere easily accessible to you – on your fridge door for example.

  • Emergency Services: 999
  • NHS Direct: 111
  • Anti terrorist hotline: 0800 789 321
  • Local Police: 101
  • Local Council:
  • Doctor’s Surgery:
  • Work:
  • Schools:
  • Family Numbers:

Local Radio Stations:

BBC Radio Wiltshire

  • Salisbury area: 103.5FM
  • Swindon area: 103.6FM
  • West Wiltshire area (Chippenham, Devizes and Trowbridge): 104.3FM
  • Marlborough area: 104.9FM
  • BBC Asian Network
  • 1458/828 MW
  • Castledown Radio
  • 104.7FM
  • Garrison FM
  • 106.8FM

Heart (Wiltshire)

  • 97.2
  • 102.2FM

Spire FM (Salisbury)

  • 102FM

WCR Community Radio

  • 87.7FM


  • Identify risks in your home and how you might reduce their impacts
  • Identify risks in your local area and how you might reduce their impacts
  • Find out about emergency arrangements already in place in your workplace, children’s school or community
  • Consider where you and your household might meet in an emergency
  • Write down your family’s contact details. You could use the template on this page
  • Gather essential items in case you need to stay in your home for a few days or leave your home for a few days
  • Consider making arrangements for your pets in an emergency