Cyber General Advice

Posted by Chris

Cyber Attacks are socially or politically motivated attacks that are carried out primarily through the internet. Attacks are generally targeted at either the general public or national and corporate organisations. These are carried out through the spread of malicious programmes (viruses), unauthorised web access, fake websites and other means of stealing personal or institutional information from the targets of the attacks. It’s important that people take cyber security seriously to avoid the loss of data, money or both. Individuals and families need to consider this when using computers at home and in open areas especially when accessing unsecure networks and websites.

The vast majority of cyber-attacks are relatively easy to prevent by implementing some simple safety measures. By doing this we can all enjoy and benefit from the amazing resources available online. Simple steps to increase cyber security:

  • Use strong passwords and change them regularly
  • Install anti-virus software
  • Be sure to download software updates (including all applications, programmes, operating systems and security software) Cyber Security

There is plenty of guidance available. Advice can be found at:

If you are a victim, ensure you report it to the UK’s national fraud and cyber-crime reporting centre.