Warm & Safe Wiltshire Advice Service

Warm & Safe Wiltshire Advice Service

Posted by LRF Manager

Would you be at risk during a power cut?

Your Distribution Network Operator is responsible for maintaining the substations and power lines that bring electricity to your home. They are separate from your electricity supplier. They have a free Priority Services Register for people who:

  • are dependent on electricity for home medical equipment, mobility equipment or to keep medicines cold
  • are elderly
  • are disabled
  • have special communication needs
  • would be vulnerable or require assistance during a prolonged power cut

People on the Priority Services Register get advanced notice of any planned interruptions to their electricity supply - allowing the householder to make any necessary preparations. They also get prioritised for re-connection if there is a power cut. ​ More information can be obtained from the Warm and Safe Wiltshire team by telephoning them on 0300 003 4575. Alternatively, you can complete the registration form by following this link and a member of the Warm and Safe Wiltshire team will process the information and add you to the register.

Please print off this helpful flyer for ease of reference.

Originally posted 11th Dec 2017 (last updated: 19th Dec 2017)

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Your Home and Family

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Emergencies happen. There will be times when you may be affected by an emergency but your life is not in immediate danger. During this time you need to know how to help yourself and those around you.

This advice is designed to help you and your family prepare for, respond to and recover from the impacts of events that disrupt your daily lives.