Helping SSEN customers prepare for winter

Helping SSEN customers prepare for winter

Posted by LRF Manager

Customers of Distribution Network Operator Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) are being encouraged to get ready for winter and the possibility of adverse weather events that could lead to power cuts.

Year round, SSEN works to build and improve its package of measures to ensure its electricity network is prepared for weather extremes, so its customers continue to get the best possible service, even when the worst of the weather hits. But that’s only half the story, as the DNO also builds in a raft of free services and communications tools for its customers disposal, enabling them to prepare for the winter months and to engage on a platform of their choice; providing them with all the information they need on the rare occasion of power cut and enabling them to report issues to SSEN at the push of a button.

Customers across SSEN’s central southern England and north of the central belt of Scotland networks are being encouraged to empower themselves and strengthen their resilience during adverse weather in a number of ways, including:

In addition to existing services, SSEN has been enhancing its Customer Contact Centre over the last year, so customers can contact SSEN round the clock - any day of the year - through a variety of platforms.

SSEN’s Customer Contact Centre handled over 636,000 inbound calls last year alone and is using new and developing technology to give customers the most accurate and up-to-date information as quickly as possible during these calls. In addition to this 24-hour support, SSEN’s newly updated PowerTrack app gives customers the option of getting power cut information on their mobile phones and tablets. The app is free to download, provides current information on any network faults - as well as the expected time of restoration - and allows customers to report power cuts and damage directly to SSEN’s teams.

Being prepared ahead of bad weather is something that is especially important for customers on SSEN’s Priority Service Register (PSR). The contact centres have their own dedicated team who proactively contact its PSR customers ahead of any significant weather events and also call them with updates if the power is off. Over 650,000 of SSEN’s customers are already signed up for the service, but SSEN is aware that there are still some customers who may not realise they are eligible for the scheme that provides extra support during power cuts.

Customers can join the free PSR, if they:

  • use mains power electrical equipment
  • have a chronic illness or short term medical condition
  • have a disability
  • have hearing or sight loss
  • use alternative communication formats
  • have children under five years old
  • are over the age of 60

Once registered, our Priority customers enjoy:

  • priority updates during a power cut
  • a dedicated 24 hour priority phone number
  • alerts of impending bad weather which could affect the power supply
  • additional support during a power cut as and when required
  • a security password for safety
  • options to have a nominated person contacted on their behalf
  • information in alternative formats, for example Braille, audio, large print and Easy Read

To find out more about SSEN and the services it provides, please visit the SSEN website

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Power Cuts

Posted by LRF Manager

105 is a new three-digit number that people can call to report or get information about power cuts.

You can also call 105 with any welfare concerns related to a power cut, or if you are worried about the safety of over or underground electricity cables or substations.