Get Ready for Winter

Get Ready for Winter

Posted by LRF Manager

Winter is nearly upon us and the LRF is keen that all communities are as prepared as possible in the event of bad weather. Many of the hazards communities face over the winter are weather related. Few winters pass without some form of severe weather be that heavy rain and floods, cold spells with snow and ice or high winds. In most winters somewhere, sometime we will get them all.

Make sure that you’re prepared for when the weather changes and temperatures drop. For dozens of tips on how to stay safe and warm this winter, please visit:

The website provides practical advice on matters such as:

  • Stay Safe when Travelling
  • Prepare and Protect your Home
  • Stay Well in Cold Weather and Look After Others

Additionally, there is information about National Severe Weather Warnings.

Throughout the winter the web pages will be updated to take account of the weather situation.

To reduce cold-related harm both within and outside the home, the Cold Weather Plan for England can be found at:

Many tips about staying safe can also be found in our LRF Are you ready? booklet.

Read more about Being Prepared at Home in our Knowledge Base

All local agencies are fully committed to responding to and supporting our communities at times of emergency and crisis. However, to minimise the impact of such situations the most powerful response is for communities to get together themselves beforehand to produce their own Community Emergency Plan.

Our philosophy within the LRF is to promote 'Community Resilience' which is about enabling people, businesses and communities to help themselves be better prepared in an emergency. This can be done in a number of ways, for example, by individual households - please see our [Are You Ready?](/media/downloads/are_you_ready_brochure.pdf) booklet.