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Floods Destroy - Be Prepared!

 Floods Destroy - Be Prepared!

Posted by LRF Manager

1 in 6 properties in England is at risk of flooding and this is only going to increase with a changing climate. Many people think that flooding will never happen to them. The fact is – it could! We experienced widespread flooding across Wiltshire during the Winter of 2013/14.

The Environment Agency leads work to protect communities from flooding and, locally through the LRF, it leads our Severe Weather Sub-Group which coordinates the activities of local agencies to prepare for a flooding event.

Everybody has a responsibility to protect their family, property and business from flooding. There are simple steps that people can take and more information can be found at

Floods destroy

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Flooding Advice and Information

Posted by LRF Manager

Flooding is a major risk to the UK and appears as a significant risk on the Wiltshire and Swindon Community Risk Register. Both Wiltshire and Swindon have been affected by flooding in recent years. This article is designed to highlight issues that may arise from flooding and to signpost members of the public to various agencies and organisations who can assist.

The first download is produced jointly by the Environment Agency and Public Health England giving practical advice on...