Counter Terrorism Policing

Counter Terrorism Policing

Posted by LRF Manager

Although terrorist attacks are rare within our community, it remains as important as ever that the public remain vigilant and aware of how they can protect themselves if the need arises.

The events in Salisbury in 2018 led to one of the most complex and intensive pieces of work undertaken by Counter Terrorism Policing of the year, and are a timely reminder that major incidents can occur anywhere. National Counter Terrorism Policing urges people to follow the ‘run, hide and tell’ guidance which can be applied to any place should the worst happen.

The advice is outlined in the short public information film called ‘Stay Safe: Firearms and Weapons Attack’.

This advice also applies to anyone travelling abroad – as we approach the summer months, many people will be looking ahead to their holidays and we would ask you to play your part in helping to protect citizens from the global terror threat.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office also advises holidaymakers to read the FCO Foreign Travel Advice and to sign up for email alerts to be notified of any updates for their destination, either before or during travel. Travel advice provides objective information and advice to help people make better-informed decisions about foreign travel.

Counter Terrorism Policing

The public are urged to be alert but not alarmed and should feel reassured that the police service continues to carry out daily activities to help maintain the protection and security of our communities. Our security measures and activities are constantly reviewed to reflect where the threats exist and the level of threat we are facing.

Police services work tirelessly to confront the terrorist threat we all face, but to do this most effectively, we need the help of the public. Be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour or activity to the confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321 or in an emergency dial 999.

We depend on information from the public, who can be our eyes and ears, in our efforts to keep us all safe. Suspicious behaviour includes anything you see online that causes you concern. If you see any material online that promotes terrorism or encourages violence, content encouraging people to commit acts of terrorism, websites made by terrorist or extremist organisations or videos of terrorist attacks, you can now report this online here.