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Cold weather and COVID-19

Cold weather and COVID-19

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We are entering Winter and can expect colder weather. We encourage the public to prepare for cold temperatures, snow, ice and other adverse weather. We have advice about cold weather elsewhere on this website. We are also promoting the Met Office’s Winter Ready campaign which can also be found on this website.

In addition, as Winter approaches, Public Health England (PHE) draws attention to the preparedness programme of the Cold Weather Plan for England. The plan raises professional and public awareness of the health impacts of cold temperatures and is a key component of emergency planning and long term preventative action. The plan remains unchanged this year, but supplementary materials including a slide pack outlining the intersection of COVID-19 and cold weather risks are available at Cold Weather Plan for England Collection Page.

We highlight the Cold Weather Plan for England because it is an important framework intended to protect the population from harm to health from cold weather. It aims to prevent the major avoidable effects on health during periods of cold weather in England by alerting people to the negative health effects of cold weather, and enabling them to prepare and respond appropriately. It is particularly important that people take extra care this Winter as we tackle the additional challenge of COVID-19.