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Business Continuity Planning is important to every business regardless of size and sector. Unplanned events such as floods, fire, terrorist threats or epidemics such as pandemic flu or foot and mouth can have a devastating effect on small businesses.

By creating a continuity plan, businesses are able to plan for the unexpected ensuring that minimal disruption is caused to the business and its customers.

You may never need to refer to your continuity plan, but by producing one you are making sure that your business will be in the best possible position should the unexpected happen. In these uncertain times, it makes sense to plan and prepare your business for the unexpected.

What is Business Continuity?

Business Continuity is about having plans in place to make sure your business/organisation is able to operate in the event of an emergency.
Having a tried and tested plan in place will ensure your business/organisation suffers the least possible disruption - ultimately enabling it to continue operating.

Reasons to have a plan

  1. 80% of businesses affected by a major incident close within 18 months.
  2. 90% of businesses that lose data from a disaster are forced to shut within 2 years.
  3. 58% of UK organisations were disrupted by September 11th (9/11). One in eight was seriously affected.

Without effective business continuity planning a natural or man made disaster could result in:

  • Complete failure of your business;
  • Loss of income;
  • Loss of reputation and/or loss of customers;
  • Financial, legal or regulatory penalties;
  • staffing issues;
  • An impact on insurance premiums.

You may already have a plan but:

  • are your staff aware of it?
  • when did you last review it?
  • have you ever tested it?

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