Sun, Sea and Seashells

Read Sun, Sea and Seashells and join the Susie and the children for a day at the beach!

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When you have read Sun, Sea and Seashells print out these fun activities and see if you can remember what you learnt from Susie and the children.

Being prepared  431 kB
How to keep you and your neighbours safe in scorching hot weather.

Keeping safe  417 kB
Remember what you can do to keep yourself safe in the sun.

Looking after our world  388 kB How to save water in a heat wave.

The Susie the Childminder books were created by Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Resiliance Forum. We thank them and DEFRA who funded the project for kindly allowing us to use them for the benefit of children in Wiltshire and Swindon.

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