The LRF consists of:

  • Executive Group
  • Business Management Group (BMG)
  • Sub-Groups
  • Task and Finish Groups
  • Local Resilience Forum Manager

Membership of the Executive Group comprises of executives from individual agencies. Nominated deputies are suitably empowered and of sufficient seniority to act on behalf of their own Executives. The LRF Business Management Group is accountable to the LRF Executive Group for its delivery, however, each attendee remains accountable to their own organisation.

Membership of the Business Management Group is comprised of suitably empowered managers / officers. Nominated deputies are suitably empowered and of sufficient seniority to act on the organisations behalf.

LRF Sub-Groups

The main business of the LRF is delivered through its sub-groups which form part of the monthly 'Working on Weekdays' (WOW) process. This process brings together senior practitioners from key agencies on a monthly basis to ensure that the LRF is dynamic and responsive. The main sub-groups meet quarterly within the WOW process.

All sub-groups are established by the Business Management Group and the chair agreed. All chairs are responsible for providing the secretariat for their own sub-group. The sub-group chair is responsible for ensuring the group complies with the agreed conduct and governance arrangements of the main LRF.

The chairs of sub-groups are responsible for the delivery / outputs from sub-groups and represent the sub-group at the Business Management Group. The Business Management Group provides direction to each sub-group as appropriate and relevant to their responsibilities.

Each sub-group is responsible for drawing up and maintaining their own terms of reference, remit and timescales for the delivery of work for agreement by the Business Management Group.

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