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Exercise Isambard

Exercise IsambardMembers of Wiltshire & Swindon LRF have been busy participating in several exercises recently. One of these was Exercise Isambard, which was designed to test a multi-agency response to an incident in Box Tunnel. Isambard is the first name of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the engineer who designed and built the tunnel itself.


Wilton tests demountable defences

Members of Wilton Town Council and the Environment Agency tested the deployment of demountable defences for Crow Lane in Wilton on Wednesday 30 September. 

Many properties on Crow Lane and North Street were prevented from flooding in 2014 by the flood warden and Town Council constructing a twenty meter sandbag wall.

Emergency Services Show a fun day out with a serious message

IThe whole teamn its 10th anniversary year, the Emergency Services Show continues to draw large crowds of people from across Wiltshire, Swindon and much further afield too. More than ten thousand spectators made their way to Hullavington Airfield near Chippenham on Sunday 13th September to attend the Show despite a forecast for some early September inclement weather which, fortunately, didn’t materialise!

Local Councils prepare winter weather response for county's roads

Wiltshire Council grittersWiltshire and Swindon Councils have been stockpiling salt and servicing gritting vehicles as they prepare for the winter months on the county's roads.

Since the end of last winter, Wiltshire Council has serviced its 48 gritting vehicles, revised routes and developed working arrangements with parishes and other agencies.  Earlier this month Swindon Borough Council received a delivery of 1,000 tonnes of salt, bringing the total amount up to 2,800.

Hot tips for fire safety at work

It is important to remain vigilant and be able to identify any potential fire hazards in the workplace.

If you see a fire then you must activate the nearest fire alarm, call the fire service on 999, leave the building and make your way to the assembly point.

Disaster training - Exercise Rolling Thunder

Disaster dayA three day exercise played out the dramatic scenario of a plane crashing into homes, resulting in death and multiple injuries.

Exercise Rolling Thunder was hosted by Devon and Somerset Fire Service urban search and rescue teams (USAR). It was well attended by paramedics and USAR fire officers from all over the country.

Met Office 'Out and About' Campaign

Met Office 'Out and About' CampaignThe Met Office is hosting a campaign called ‘Out and About’, which  provides helpful and practical advice for when you are involved in outdoor leisure, sport or other activities.


Praise for multi-agency response

JESIP Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme The multi-agency response by members of Wiltshire and Swindon Local Resilience Forum (LRF) to flooding last Autumn has received national praise.



Ebola visrusReturning from West Africa? Important information about Ebola.

For more information visit the Public Health England website which will provide more detailed guidance or for health advice call NHS 111.

Download Public Health England poster

Wiltshire and Swindon Community Messaging launches in Wiltshire

Wilthshire and Swindon Community MessagingResidents in Wiltshire can now sign up to receive free messages - by text, email or voicemail – from their local Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) about police and crime matters in their area.


Stay warm but safe this winter says Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service

Wiltshire Fire and Rescue ServiceWITH Christmas just a couple of weeks away, Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service has issued a timely warning to local people to stay warm but safe as the colder weather takes hold. 


Busy training and exercising

Busy training One of the seven civil protection duties conferred on Category One Responders under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 is the requirement to plan for major incidents and emergencies. Part of this involves the need for multi-agency training and exercising.


Wiltshire Air Ambulance makes history with new helicopter

Wiltshire air ambulanceWiltshire Air Ambulance (WAA) made aviation history last month when the charity’s new helicopter flew into the county. The helicopter, a Bell 429, is the first to operate as an air ambulance in the UK. 


Exercise Exchange - a chance to examine our readiness for a telecommunications failure

Telephone keypadEveryone seems to run their lives around their mobile phone these days. We have become very reliant on such devices and telephone lines are critical in delivering services from mobile phones to computers and cash machines. But what if they fail?


Helping people protect against groundwater

More than 150 people from across Wilshire, Dorset, Avon and Hampshire attended a groundwater flood protection exhibition in Salisbury on 7th June.More than 150 people from across Wilshire, Dorset, Avon and Hampshire attended a groundwater flood protection exhibition in Salisbury on 7th June.


Improving Pollution Protection

Providing Environmental Protection Units to the Fire & Rescue Service


Winter Flooding 2013-14

Winter Flooding 2013-14What a winter it was – record breaking rainfall and storm surges certainly made sure that winter 2013-14 will go down in history. It was also a true test of joined-up forecasting, emergency response and subsequent recovery. 

Cleaning-up Safely Following Flooding

Clearing up after floodsPublic Health England (PHE) has produced guidance for the public on how to clean up their homes safely if they have been flooded. For more information about health and flooding go to the Public Health England Website


Flooding and Your Power Supply

Flooding and ElectricityWe all know that electricity and water don't mix. Follow this guide produced by Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution so you and your family avoid danger.

Download Practical Advice on Flooding and Electricity (Your Power Supply)

Exercise Rush

LRF excercises its plans again, this time with MOD Corsham. 

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